Disco Plastique

by BJ Crna Trava

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BJ Crna Trava is a founding member of the world famous DJ producers brand BALKANICA. Balkanica was established by BJ Nevenko Bucan and BJ Crna Trava to promote south Slavic roots and contemporary music and to explore (sub)cultural phenomena from the Balkan countries!

BJ Crna Trava called himself like this originally without an idea why, but he found out later on that Crna Trava is a super interesting landscape area in southern Serbia, where the huge black woods cover the mountains providing a great air quality, good looking women and men who are never at home, since they work as famous building builders all over the world. Mr. Trava gets all his musical inspiration from this area.

"When I make music is the same as when I cook. I put everything inside and look what happens. If it is tasty than it is ok, if not then next time will be better. Basically my mottos are: fuck the concept, fine-tuning is for jerks and yes form follows feedback. It is like drinking, once you start you can not stop and the most important thing is that confetti of happiness are underlying our bare feet." says BJCT about himself and his creative process.

Mr. Crna Trava is also an visual artist (VJ), who is enjoying the production of extremely baroques and fat images reduced to a minimum, movies and set designs.

Read more: www.myspace.com/bjcrnatrava

Watch video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=mT1H0qVNtCI


released October 16, 2010



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BJ Crna Trava London, UK

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